Full of wonder and with all my heart and soul, I regularly make child in mind attunements for children, adults or souls of deceased or unborn children.

Contact with the soul

On distance, so in the energy without physically seeing the person, I make contact with the soul, higher self (or whatever you want to call it), of you or your child. During the attunement I see, feel and hear the person I am attuning to. I listen to what he or she has to say, look at what he or she shows me, ask the questions I was given beforehand, heal together with the person I am tuning in to anything that can be healed and, where necessary, I send entities to the light.

Everything that is said and happens during the attunement, I write down. This gives insights, many tips and advice about what is needed and often there is a change shortly after the attunement. For parents it can be very enlightening if it is about their children, but also for adults it can be very interesting and helpful to read what your soul has to say.

Perfect for children

The big advantage for children is that the Child in mind method does not burden the child. In most cases, the child doesn’t consciously notice anything and the child never has to come to me. So no stamp or feelings about being different, needing help, etc.

The child can express in the attunement what it is not yet able to do in normal life and can indicate what it needs from the parents. And more and more often, I can heal things together with the child. It is so wonderful to notice that this is possible. At a distance, in the energy, with children who are not physically present, healing pieces that can be released.

From the age of 10 onwards, I ask the parents to ask the child if he or she is okay with an attunement being made. Under 10 years of age, it is important that both parents agree to the attunement being made.

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A child in mind attunement can be made always, if you have a specific problem or just because you want more insight. Beforehand you send me the questions you want to ask. Mostly these questions will all be answered, but in the end it is the soul to whom I tune into, who decides what will be said and answered.

To give you an idea of the kind of questions or reasons you might have, here are some examples:

  • My baby cries a lot
  • Problems with potty training
  • My child doesn’t sleep well
  • How can I get more peace in my body?
  • How can we as parents better guide our highly sensitive child?
  • It seems like there is an unpleasant atmosphere in the house
  • I would like to know more about our unborn child
  • I want to know if there is a reason why I am still not pregnant
  • My child has anger issues
  • etc. etc.

It does not mean that everything is solved immediately after an attunement. With some obstacles I can do something right away during the attunement, and more and more often I can heal already some parts together with the person I attune to. Most souls also give you tools with which you can work afterwards (for yourself or as a parent for your child).


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The investment in a child in mind argument is 85 euro. A one time investment which can bring huge changes.