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Fertility course

Rated 5.0 out of 5

A very educational and good course. My partner and I did this together and it was very valuable to do this together. For women, but also for men, elements emerge that are important for fertility improvements, but also essential improvements in nutrition, rest, etc. It was a small group and there was a very nice open atmosphere.

Chantal provides extremely good guidance all the way and takes her time for everything.

Thank you Chantal for all your support and maybe see you soon.


Great program

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Super nice course, in which it is not only about boosting fertility, but also about themes such as taking good care of yourself and relaxation. I really enjoyed the course. There was a nice, open atmosphere, in which it felt good to talk and share with like -minded people. Furthermore, many tools received to optimize my fertility and to learn to relax and to deal with an unfulfilled desire for children. It was very special to be able to be guided by Chantal. She is very knowledgeable and honest. She feels good about what you need. This has led me to a number of eye-openers. Thank you, Chantal!


It helped me further!

Rated 5.0 out of 5

I really liked the atmosphere of the course. Open and honest. I was also very happy with the tips Chantal gave and the beautiful sessions. I also really liked the idea that you can do something practical yourself to increase your chances of pregnancy. I have adopted many of the tips, have really started living differently (healthier diet, more exercise, adjusted certain care products) and…. after (very!) many years, I am now finally pregnant! Of course you never know what the cause was, but I really believe that this course contributed to that!

Thank you Chantal!!!! I am very grateful for what you have taught me!


Again everything was right!

Rated 5.0 out of 5

I just needed a few days to sink in what you wrote for me. I still don’t quite know how to word it. But again everything was right!! It really felt like a nice confirmation to read the answers to the questions. Things that I’ve been walking with for a while are now falling into place. I like that very much! The piece about my grandpa and grandma… wow!! It made me very emotional but was so beautiful and nice to read. Funny that I have to do something with my sensitivity, I don’t know what exactly ;). After reading the attunement, I cried, but not from sadness. I found it a relief to receive this text and can certainly get a lot out of it.

And that ending… wow!! I think that will still haunt me for a while, but in a positive way.

Thank you for this attunement and who knows see you next time!


Great admiration

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Thank you very much for the very beautiful and special attunement.

I read this attunement again with great admiration. There were a lot of recognizable things in it and it was also a confirmation that my own feeling is correct.


A magical experience

Rated 5.0 out of 5

What a magical experienc! Everything is right. Word by word. I feel that when I read it. I just really feel that it was me. May sound crazy but I was so happy that my soul actually talked to you. In the here and now I don’t always dare to put everything into words. So I’m relieved that my soul did.

The aura lifter, wow how nice that it is now clear to me why I felt this way all this time. And glad he’s in a better place now.

As for the love affair. Everything my soul said are words I often use myself. And I notice every day that I can sense a lot in advance. Funny to read. And I’m glad I dared to open my heart together with you. I wonder what this brings me in the future.

And indeed. I should step out of my comfort zone more. Now I just have to do it ;).


I'm feeling good again

Rated 5.0 out of 5

I just want to share that I have started to feel a lot happier since the session and finally after a long time I’m feeling good again. The sessoin has worked really well for me. Thanks again for that.


Peace despite a not yet fulfilled desire for children

Rated 5.0 out of 5

We are both very happy with the alignment! It has given me a lot of peace. And it felt so special and really I am very grateful to you for this beautiful gift.

We both cried like two little children when we read your email, it moved us so much. There was so much recognition in it and it seemed as if the uncertainty that it all brought with it disappeared for a while. And I also notice that if something of uncertainty arises in me in this area again, I then reconsider the coordination.

I thought it was funny that in the attunement it came back that I could, among other things, rotate my hips to relax the blockage (cramping) in my abdomen. A few weeks before the attunement, I had been given this exercise by someone else. So I was already busy spinning haha ​​and now the tuning also indicated that I can continue with that. Very special!

The butterfly/fairy is still regularly in the conversations between us. As difficult and confronting as it is sometimes, we now know that the butterfly / fairy is around us and it will come when it is ready.

We wait patiently.

Dear Chantal, what a wonderful job you are doing!

Once again we are very grateful to you!


Wij beide zijn super blij met de afstemming! Het heeft mij ontzettend veel rust gegeven. En het voelde zo eigen en echt ik ben je heel erg dankbaar voor dit mooie cadeau.

Dat wij jou mailtje lazen hebben we allebei als twee kleine kindjes zitten huilen, het ontroerde ons zo erg. Er zat zo ontzettend veel herkenning in en het leek wel alsof de onzekerheid die het allemaal met zich mee brengt even liet verdwijnen. En ik merk ook als er bij mij weer iets van onzekerheid opspeelt op dit gebied dat ik dan de afstemming er weer even bij pak.

Het grappige vond ik, dat er in de afstemming terug kwam dat ik o.a. met mijn heupen kon draaien om de blokkade (verkramping) in mijn buik te laten ontspannen. Een paar weken voor de afstemming had ik deze oefening van iemand anders gekregen. Dus ik was al druk aan het draaien geslagen haha en nu gaf de afstemming ook nog eens aan dat ik daar lekker mee door kan gaan. Heel bijzonder!

Het vlindertje/feetje komt nog regelmatig voorbij in de gesprekken tussen ons. Hoe lastig en confronterend het soms ook is, we weten nu dat het vlindertje/feetje in ieder geval rond ons is en het vast zal komen als het er klaar voor is.

We wachten geduldig af. 🙂

Lieve Chantal, wat een prachtig werk doe jij!

Nogmaals we zijn je erg dankbaar!