Unfortunately, not everyone gets pregnant easily. It took me more than six years. These were difficult years, but at the same time I have experienced that this period brought me so much. In personal growth, in being home inside, in trusting my gut feelings, in being certain about myself, in trust and in balance. And as bizarre as it may sound when you are in the middle of this process and just want to be pregnant now (or yesterday), I am grateful that I was given these years.

I would like to help you learn what you can do to greatly increase the chances of a lasting pregnancy. Ánd to use this period in your life to be home inside & out. To create a home for your baby from your inside into the outside world.

I help both people who are trying to get pregnant the natural way and people who are in a medical process. I do this through 1 on 1 coaching sessions, with my Holistic Fertility Program and by making Wishparent Attunements.

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Holistic Fertility Program

With a lot of enthusiasm and great results, I offer you the Holistic Fertility Program. A super complete program that will help you solve your fertility problems on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Take back control

Fertility problems are hardly ever just a physical thing. There is a lot you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant on a physical level and you will learn this in the program. You, yourself, without the help of a doctor if you don’t want that.

Heal yourself

But only working on the physical part is not enough. In order to really heal your fertility problems and to get pregnant, you will also learn to heal and remove blockages on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. You will heal, grow, expand and love yourself. You will be home, inside & out and create a home for your child.

Life changing experience

My goal is to help you. To become pregnant and to turn this period in your life into a life changing period of growth and expansion. A period that you wouldn’t have wanted to miss afterwards.

Are you ready to create a hopeful future for yourself?

Please book a free strategy session with me to connect and define which steps you can take to make your dream come true.

Wishparent Attunement

With love I regularly make Child In Mind Attunements for wish parents. In an attunement I tune into your soul, your higher self, and I listen if there are blockages that might be in the way of allowing a child to come to you. Together we will see if these blockages can be removed or what it takes to do this later.

I also look if there is a soul present in the energy that would like to be born or adopted by you. I will ask this soul what needs to happen before he or she can come to you as your child. This does not guarantee a pregnancy or adoption, but gives as much clarity as possible about why things have not yet gone the way you want them to on a spiritual level and what is needed to change this.

The costs of a Wishparent Attunement are 85 Euros. A little gem that can help you a lot in the time to come.


If you are interested, please send me a message by email, WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal. If you don’t know exactly what you want, we can plan a free introduction and then we can see together at what you need and what suits you, and based on that I can indicate what the total cost would be.