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I’ll be happy to meet you and talk about what you are looking for and which steps I can advice you to take. Just send me an email or a text with WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram and we will make an appointment to meet each other online. My phone number is +34 641 917 871. You can also book directly a Free Strategy Session with me through this link:

A little taste of what I do

An insight into the Holistic Fertility Program. The introduction of the Program and a few lessons.

Introduction to the Holistic Fertility Program
To get an insight into the Holistic Fertility Program, check out the ...
3. Deep relaxation
Stress is a very common co-cause of fertility problems. One of the ...
4. Dare to dream
An insight into the Holistic Fertility Program. One of the lessons.

Gift for wishparents

When you are trying to get pregnant and this doesn’t go that easy, you can have many questions.

Specifically for everyone struggling with this, I made a Holistic Guide with The 5 Most Important Questions about Fertility Problems Answered.