Since 2013, with great enthusiasm and wonderful results, I teach the course HypnoBirthing. In 2021, we moved to Spain, with which came for me an end to giving offline group courses HypnoBirthing.

With that end came the start of giving online classes Hypnobirthing, tailored and combined with everything I know and can and amended to what is needed. I teach you what you can do to let your body do its work as well as possible during birth and to relax. And I teach you to take control over this important event and to be able to let go at the same time. A combination of practical knowledge, logic and exercises that are simple and effective to apply.

Besides the Hypnobirthing lessons, we can pay attention to topics such as making contact with your baby, trust (your body, your feelings or others), letting go versus control, uncertainty, etc.

The beauty of this is that we can tailor the lessons exactly to what you want to learn or achieve and also determine the number of lessons together. We take what you want to learn from Hypnobirthing and combine it with a piece of personal growth, being home within yourself and the world you live in. In order to create a beautiful home for your child.

Do you prefer offline classes and do you want to get away from it all? Then please take a look at the Spain page.

Because I no longer give a standard Hypnobirthing course, there is no fixed course fee. The price depends on the number of lessons you want to follow and how long we make the lessons. Please contact about the possibilities and associated investment.

Chantal Bruijsten